Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Writing Memoirs

Many writers who attend workshops and critique groups are writing the stories of their lives. They want to share the wonderful things they have learned over the years so others can learn from their experience. My cyber friend, Terry Whalin, has an excellent article for you if this is your desire. Visit his blog, The Writing Life.

You can earn a little compensation along the journey of writing your book by taking time to write personal experience articles for magazines and posts for blogs. By doing these two exercises, your writing will become tighter and better. At the same time you'll build a platform for yourself.

The response I hear when I suggest this from my book writing friends is, "I just want to write what a want to write," and you can. I enjoy using my personal experience stories in articles and blog posts. These two avenues also give me the best opportunity I have of telling others about Jesus and His love for them. Try it and you'll see your blog traffic increase.

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