Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Impact of Our Witness

Have you thought about the impact of your writing? A lost and hungry world is looking for answers in churches, books, bars, and the Internet. We have a great opportunity to share our story through fiction, non-fiction, devotional readings, and scripture exposition. God can use our past failures and shortcomings for His glory as we share how He worked in our lives.

Snippets of our stories or explaining what a verse means to us in a blog is vital. My most visited posts are those about the meaning of God's love, grace and scripture. In these troubling times, people want answers. Will you share what God's love and word mean to you? Someone's soul might be at stake.

Besides the things we write, people are looking to us--how do we handle grief, suffering, or loss. Our lives were redeemed on the cross at a great cost to God. Our response means something to Him and to  our world.

Lord Jesus, make me a beacon of your light and love in this dark world. Amen.

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