Friday, December 28, 2012

Inspire Writers Fair Oaks Tea

Eras Cockran hosted Inspire Writers-Fair Oaks' first annual after Christmas tea. We enjoyed good food, tea and laughter and read devotions we started in our Devotions by Design workshop held in November. Then we posed for this picture wearing our critique hats. Twelve tags hung from each hat bearing the titles, Apostrophe Pro, M-dasher, Format Fiend, Misplaced Modifiers, Wordy Woodchuck, I Watch, Repeat Reporter, As Catcher, Was Patrol, Purple Prose Police, Quote Queen, and Comma King.

Leota helped Sue with the tags and hats earlier in December. Then they celebrated their accomplishments by sharing pie at Marie Calender's. :)

The tea was such a big hit, we decided we wanted to do this every year. The writers loved their hats so much, they suggested we wear them to writers conferences and seminars. We have a great group of writers/encouragers and I praise God for each one.

Thank you, Father God, for such a great group of friends. Help us to grow in your spirit and our craft so we may glorify you in what we do. Amen.

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