Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lady in Waiting-Review

Jane owns and runs an antique store in Manhatten, New York. Just when she thinks her life is going along great, her husband takes a job in another state. As she confronts issues that turn her life upside down, she finds a treasure in one of the boxes purchased at an estate sale. The stories of two women with the same name, but centuries apart, unfold the greatest treasure we have on earth or in Heaven--our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Can we trust our Lord and Savior during our most trying times? Author Susan Meissner answers this question and more in her compelling story of a Lady in Waiting. Her leading characters' faith strengthens them to endure extraordinarily challenging situations. Tender love and emotion fill the pages of this novel and inspire me to new heights in my worship and prayer life. It is available in book and Kindle versions here.

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